25 May 2017

King West

Free Replacement Boilers for rural tenanted properties

The letting of property to farm workers at a heavily subsidised rate, or to those involved in the management of

an estate or land, is a longstanding tradition- potentially an expectation that provides this much-needed resource with a roof over their heads. Giving ones lifetime of graft to the land requires a certain level of spirit, selfessness and philanthropy. Accommodation not only allows the workforce to remain close to the land upon which they work, but also provides a social community on which the worker comes to depend.

When the employee retires, tradition dictates that the subsidies remain in place- a lifetime of provision for a lifetime of work.

Although the now retired, elderly, farmworker may have moved into their estate cottage 50 years before, the landlord’s responsibility of minimum provision remains the same as that for a new build property rented to a private tenant.

When the elderly farm worker who has worked their whole life has a change of circumstance upon their retirement and begins to receive Government bene ts, there are a number of subsidies available to the property in which the tenant resides. Included in this list is the new boiler scheme.

Free and heavily subsidised replacement boilers are available via ECO. This can include the installation of central heating where there is none, the replacement of storage heaters with central heating and the replacement of an old boiler with a new one. ECO is a Government scheme that has been introduced to provide low-income households access to improvements for their home efficiency and to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are a series of criteria for the occupant, the property and the heating proposal to meet, but if they do the grants are non-repayable and there are no complicated terms and conditions.

Upon qualification, a new boiler and if necessary new heating controls, will be installed into the qualifying rental property. The level of funding available is dependent on the efficiency of the property. This level will be set through an energy assessment of the property - again, free of charge in most instances.

Free boilers are just one of a number of bene ts available to rental properties inhabited by low-income residents. Employing the services of a professional lettings management team enables all options to be presented and all opportunities taken towards the upkeep, renovation and efficiency of the properties.

For further information on our rental property management packages and to discuss your property portfolio, please contact Harry Epsom, or call on 01858 411538. 

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