13 October 2015

King West

Do I need a ‘Grand Designs’ Makeover?

Do I need a ‘Grand Designs’ Makeover?

Often when we consider selling our lived-in homes, the first thing on the list before even inviting your preferred Estate Agent in, is to plan the re-decorating.

We are often faced with the smell of fresh paint as we first visit a property to value it with the owners telling us of new carpets, full re-paints, new skirting boards and new doors being added prior to our visit. 

The property-show-TV-celebrity contingent may well have you convinced that this is the only way that you will possibly sell your home in the present market of peak or scorched earth, but is that really the case?

From the opposite side of the fence, a potential buyer is the only person who can imagine their own furniture, style and essence in your property. And testament to the sheer number of furnishings, wall papers and even shades of cream paint on the shelves or in online galleries tells you that our opinion of ‘perfect’ is unlikely to be the same as everyone- or even anyone- else. Additionally, a buyer will potentially feel that your pre-sale spruce up was only conducted to squeeze those extra numbers into the asking price and that you will be looking to recover not only cost of materials, but also recompense for the blood, sweat and tears shed over DIY- and that’s when we get the decorators in to do it, let alone when tackling the list yourself.

At King West, we would suggest that you leave the complete re-design to those selling their houses on the TV and leave the re-modeling to the minds eye of the potential buyer. A good clean, a de-clutter, open windows, lights on, all bulbs working, a few vases of flowers and some bread in the oven and you are set to go. Present your house lived in and buyers will see a home rather than bricks and mortar. Allow reality to show and they will not wonder where the coats will live or how to fit all their gadgets into the kitchen cupboards. When we love a house, we can see through anything that makes us question if it is right as our new home. So, save the stiff arm and leave the pasting table in the attic. We can do the hard work; you just sit back and enjoy that freshly baked bread. 

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